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Protecting Your Assets in Philadelphia

In Pennsylvania, estates involve decedent's estates, estates of incapacitated or alleged incapacitated persons and minors. Klein, Vogin & Gold has the legal expertise to lead you through the maze.


After death, relatives are burdened with the task of unraveling the loved one’s estate, determining if there is a Last Will and Testament, collecting the assets and debts, locating beneficiaries, probating and administrating the estate. Sometimes these tasks are simple but many times these tasks overwhelm individuals in complexity as well as grief. Klein, Vogin & Gold has the experience and knowledge to simplify these tasks for you and eliminate court appearances.

Prepare your Last Will and Testament now.


Taking away one's independence and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America is never an easy decision or one to be done without great consideration. However, once an individual is no longer able to care for themselves, whether because of age, illness, or other disability, they can be declared an incapacitated person by the Orphans’ Courts.

The declaration, like child custody, is what is in the best interests of the individual. Sometimes the people seeking the declaration are improperly motivated, greedy to control the assets of an individual who can no longer protect and care for themselves. Family arguments regularly arise, which prevent clear judgment. Siblings cannot agree on any issue.


Whether you are seeking to have a person declared incapacitated or opposing the declaration, Klein, Vogin & Gold has the legal experience, knowledge and resources to represent you or your loved one in an incapacity proceeding.



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