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Special pricing for a simple divorce with no other claims is available. Filed in the proper county, you have no fear or worry of the Decree being attacked at a later date. Unless you or your former spouse live in the county where your divorce is filed, your Decree may be attacked , with limited exception, as being filed in the wrong county. If your Decree is later voided, you could have problems. Avoid these possible problems by allowing us to handle your case.  Call 215-557-9119, day or night, and speak with MARC VOGIN. 

Individuals who were a loving and caring couple often resorted to hateful words, hurtful glares and distrust. Nothing but time may be the problem. Although you originally promised until death do you part, sometimes divorce is not only an option, but is the need option.

Divorce involves not only dividing money and debts but also cutting the emotional bond you once had with your spouse.

As a seasoned litigator, Mr. Vogin of Klein, Vogin & Gold will walk you through each step of the process, explaining and answering your questions, providing advice and listening to your needs. You will never have to walk into a courtroom unaccompanied by Mr. Vogin.

Additional Information:


In Pennsylvania, divorces are typically no-fault, either by mutual consent or by statutory separation period. However, divorces also have many related issues: equitable distribution, alimony, alimony pendent lite and requests for attorneys’ fees and costs.

You should never be afraid to exercise your rights and protect your interests, which is why you need Mr. Vogin to represent you.

Helpful suggestions:

Do not leave the marital residence until ordered by a Court to leave;

When you leave, take all documents and personal property with you;

Change all passwords to protect your privacy; and

Take a backup of all computer files.

You should file your divorce action in the proper county, not a distant county, just to save costs, as such action could cause you trouble and expense years later.



Mr. Vogin successfully settled a post divorce dispute, securing an agreement that wife was entitled to 35% of husband's City of Philadelphia pension and sole ownership of the marital premises.


Mr. Vogin, in Montgomery County, obtained an order, compelling husband to pay one half of the mortgage, insurance and real estate taxes, where  husband refused to pay his share of those expenses.


Mr. Vogin, in Montgomery County, as established despite husband's  denial, that wife obtained relief from the Bankruptcy Court and is permitted to continue her efforts to obtain enforcement of the Property Settlement Agreement.


Mr. Vogin just obtained settlement for a child of a former spouse, whose former husband failed to comply with the terms of a Property Settlement Agreement. Husband was to satisfy a mortgage. Husband stopped paying the mortgage and the property was subject to a mortgage foreclosure action. After wife died, daughter, Mr. Vogin's client, sought reimbursement for the funds she had to borrow to save the property. Mr. Vogin was able to obtain a settlement, compelling the husband to purchase life insurance with his client as the sole beneficiary and owner of the policy.


Mr. Vogin successfully argued that his client, a child from a prior relationship, was not a proper party for jurisdictional reasons to a divorce in Philadelphia, PA.


Mr. Vogin had a Bucks County judge declare that a former spouse violated the divorce settlement by claiming all of the children for tax purposes.


Mr. Vogin was appointed by the Court of Common Pleas - Family Division as a Master regarding real estate. 


Mr. Vogin successfully represented a wife whose husband made outrageous demands in equitable distribution.


Mr. Vogin understands these issues and he will take care of presenting the issues to the court that is most favorable to his client, working to avoid the pitfalls. To schedule an appointment, you may reach out to us by phone or email or visit our office located at 1700 Sansom Street in Philadelphia.



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